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MMM2010-1000: Front Matter
MMM2010-1001 Michael Thelwall
Sentiment Strength Detection for Social Network Site Comments
Invited lecture (abstract)
MMM2010-1002 Michael Thelwall
Analysing the Social Context of Social Network Sites: The Case of MySpace
Invited lecture (abstract)
MMM2010-1003 Alexander Troussov
Harnessing the Power of Social Context
Invited lecture (abstract)
MMM2010-1004 Martin Adámek
CB Radio in Road Traffic As Social Network and Information Technology
Invited lecture (abstract)
MMM2010-1005 Angels Catena; Mikhail Alexandrov; Natalia Ponomareva
Opinion Analysis of Publications on Economics with a Limited Vocabulary of Sentiments
MMM2010-1006 Eva Maria Eckenhofer
Do Central Players Perform Better?
MMM2010-1007 Olga Kaurova; Mikhail Alexandrov; Natalia Ponomareva
The Study of Sentiment Word Granularity for Opinion Analysis (A Comparison with Maite Taboada works)
MMM2010-1008 Olga Ogurtsova; Mikhail Alexandrov; Xavier Blanco
A Look at Wikipedia Readability: Language, Domain and Style
MMM2010-1009 Joseph Zernik
Data Mining of Online Judicial Records of the Networked US Federal Courts
MMM2010-1010 Joseph Zernik
Data Mining as a Civic Duty—Online Public Prisoners' Registration Systems
MMM2010-1011 Gabriel Lukáč
A Proposal for an Approach to Extracting Conceptual Descriptions of Hyper-linked Text Documents
MMM2010-1012 Ronan McHugh; Birger Larsen
Persuading Collaboration: Analysing Persuasion in Online Collaboration Projects
MMM2010-1013 O. M Samolyenko; Ilona V. Batsurovs'ka; N. S. Ruchins'ka
Methodics of Using WEB 2.0 Services for Higher Education
MMM2010-1014 David Sousedík; Ladislav Buřita
Social Network as a Part of the Interactive Environment for Starting Entrepreneurs
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